MiABLE 80/20 Aggressive Portfolio

The MiABLE 80/20 Aggressive Portfolio℠ is intended for investors with a high tolerance for risk. Comprised of 80% equity funds and 20% fixed income funds, the portfolio seeks growth of capital over long time horizons. This portfolio will experience significant short-term volatility. The portfolio is monitored and is automatically rebalanced on an annual basis or as needed.


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MiABLE 80/20 Aggressive Portfolio
Target Allocation

Allocation Graph

MiABLE 80/20 Aggressive Portfolio

Dimensional Core Equity 2 Portfolio 40%
Vanguard Developed Markets ADM 16%
Dimensional International Vector 12%
Dimensional Emerging Markets Core 8%
Dimensional Global Real Estate 4%
Vanguard Short-Term Bond ADM 3%
Dimensional 2-YR Global FI 3%
Dimensional 5-YR Global FI 3%
Dimensional Intermediate Govt. FI 3%
Vanguard Total Bond Mkt ADM 3%
Dimensional Inflation Protected 5%

MiABLE 80/20 Aggressive Portfolio Expense

As of September 30, 2016 0.25%

The series of MiABLE Portfolios℠, created by Prudent Investor Advisors, comprises a number of asset allocation strategies available to investors in the Michigan 529 ABLE program. All the model portfolios are based on the Nobel prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory as well as an emphasis on the Fama/French Five-Factor Financial Model. This approach, grounded in academic research that has withstood rigorous open review for many years, does not rely on analysts’ forecasts or opinions about financial markets, but instead incorporates the key factors that drive the longrun performance of those markets.

Many people lack the time or interest to research advanced investment principles. In the absence of such expertise, they may take unintended investment risks. Even experienced investors can find themselves perplexed by unexpected events that occur in financial markets. Compared to conventional broad-based equity market benchmarks, the MiABLE Portfolios℠ reflect a greater emphasis on small company stocks and value stocks. That emphasis is the result of global evidence that such stocks have above-average expected returns and provide significant diversification benefits when combined with large company stocks and/or growth stocks. This emphasis also incorporates a disciplined and patient style of securities trading, which allows plan participants to reap the benefits of low costs and low fees. An investor that selects a MiABLE Portfolio℠ is able to replace forecasting and guesswork with a disciplined, professional approach that incorporates the benefits of investment theory developed over the past four decades.

Each MiABLE Portfolio℠, which represents a thoughtful and diversified investment strategy for individuals, holds more than 12,000 securities from approximately forty-five countries. Broad and deep, worldwide diversification minimizes the potential negative short-term impact that any one company, asset class, or country may have on a participant’s portfolio. This reduces overall portfolio risk, allows full exposure to financial markets’ returns and limits style drift. However, diversification does not eliminate the potential for investment loss.

Date of first use: November 1, 2016

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